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I've been monitoring this for a while and can't see any use in it at all. For example today:

For Friday, there may or may not be additional upside. If present, upside should be limited to resistance near 8800, 8900 or 9040 at the most though one of the first two levels are more likely to hold. Support below is near 8640 and then 8480 and a move below this level is bearish as it could lead quickly back to 8250 support.

So basically, it could go up...a bit, or a lot, or it could go down a bit too.

I refer to Ed Downs Signal Watch daily and find his analysis very good but am I missing something with the Raptor interpretation of the markets???

Hi Wideboy

I would just take it as the market is rangebound between 9040 and 8250 and that a break either way will signal the start of the next leg whether it be Bullish or Bearish.

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Yes you are right, especially lately the raptor analysis has been vague to say the least. Is it that elliot analysis is only good after the fact? Meanwhile signal watch has been excellent!
Ed Downs has been doing quite well for the last couple of weeks or so. But don't you think that has a lot to do with the fact that he has reduced his entry stop loss to only 10 points. His record was fairly appaling before that when he was on 25 points s/l. In any case, what you see at Signalwatch is hypothetical and tries to explain a strategy for market behaviour.

Raptor, on the other hand, called the mid October bottom to perfection but has been mostly wide of the mark ever since. He always seems to have a bearish bias, so I guess he will become sharper as and when the market turns down.

Just goes to prove that nothing works all the time.
Hello every1. Some of u may remember me from about a year ago, although i guess that most of the people i used to know have gone? lets see...there was dayraider, chartman, mooms, helenqu, brown_eyes? no? oh. .....anyway.

Just wanted to back up my man raptor ;). That is some pretty damn vague commentary in the example posted above, but believe me, i subscribe to his site which is where he saves the The 'good stuff' for, and his calls are brilliant.

He posted within 10 points of todays high AND low of which i grabed a nice number of points. Anyways.... i'll be popping back from time to time. looks like the site has got even better with some nice topics discussed in these threads.

happy trading!
As a contraindicator, I have rarely seen better. I guess Elliott Wave theorists will say it is the inability of the author rather than the un-flappable wave theory. Much like it is the inability of my physique to carry, by hand, the eiffel tower from paris to london. No it can be done it's just that I'm too weak. On this basis anything can be presented as fact, your pigs can't fly cuz you haven't taught them the right way - naughty little boy. And hey how come we aren't all running around doing David Blaine type tricks or reading minds a-la Derren Brown. And how about Super, Super Bob, Super Super Bob, Super Super Bob, Super Bobbie Pretcher. I nose how they all make a sing-and dance about his correct predictions, but the fact was he missed the biggest bull market in history?!?!?! Bobbie Pretcher and Raptor are the Elliott Wave gurus of our time - the best of the best - and yet they make fundamental, basic and humungous errors as these. What chance does it give the rest of us??

Elliot Wave analysis just does not work!!!! Their followers have been as brainwashed as the Al-Qaeda mob and arguably they are more dangerous - muwahahhahaahaah.

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Either Buckingham Palace or Wormwood Scrubs?
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