Quick early morning Forex GBPUSD system

Dec 15, 2005
Hi I have a little quick system if anyone has the time to back test??? I have looked at 10 minute data that I have s :cheesy: aved since Nov 05 tried a variety of different home made systems and this one looks good to me.

3 signals based on 10 minute data 1st oportunity at 6.10 calculate difference between high at 6 and high at 6.10 (1st sig) calculate difference between low at 6 and low at 6.10 (2nd sig) calculate difference between close at 6 and close at 6.10 (3rd sig) . If all these in same direction and total of three is more than 5 but less than 20 then trade immediately (within 10 mins) to go in that direction for 25 points (add spread to this). Stop 55 (add spread). If all sigs not same or less than 5 or more than 20 (in total) then try system again at 7.10.

Doesnt give you a trade every day but seems to have good success rate when it does.

Any one else doing crazy trading like this ?

any feed back very welcome