Question about Taxes for Day Trading - Any Germans living abroad?


Hi guys,

I am in the process of filling out the documents for an application for a broker in the US. As part of my application I have to tell the broker where I am going to pay taxes. Once I start day trading, I will talk to a tax professional about this, but I am not really keen on spending so much money before I even have a broker. So maybe some of you are in a similar or even the same situation and could share your knowledge.

I am a German citizen with my primary residence still in Germany. I have now been living in South Africa since February on a student visa and am most likely going to stay until July 2021. I am not even registered here in South Africa, as I never went to the town hall to do that. For some of you the answer might be crystal clear, but I am actually uncertain if I will have to pay taxes in Germany or South Africa. Thanks for any advice.