Hi Steve,

It used to happen to me too...it really gave me a headache, as I prefer on going threads...only now with ctrl+refresh I am uble to retract the new posts..If you've already tried that, I am sure Pigsy will come with an idea to help you solve the problem...

Enjoy your slurps and a chicken tarka..

Ah the topic refreshing problem... the one where you know a new post is there, but you can't see it. Well at the mo holding down Ctrl and clicking the refresh button on the toolbar of your browser works. But why it happens, is still a mystery. I dont have any problem at home, but at work its a constant problem.

Im working on it... i will fix it!!!

Cheers Pigsy.
Thanks lads i've tried your tip with no success.
Pigsy, if its any help, the same problem occurred intermittently on the old CI board...'refresh' cured it sometimes.

This has appeared immediately

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Steve, it also helps when you put your explorer setting to every visit to the page..

Tools+Internet Options-Settings-Every vist to the page..

good luck..