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I am 24 and I have been trading since the first year at uni (since 2008) CME and ICE commodities and currencies (Forex due to account size). I am positive in trading and with ups and downs from time to time. I finished my academic studies a year ago, and cotinuously developed my trading style and reasearched, researched, and researched.

Right now, I am emotionally ready to work as a trader for a company but I have no idea where to start.

My trading style can be described as day or mid-term trading. The time that passed between opened and closed positions is between 1 and 6 weeks (2 weeks on average).

In terms of location, I am quite geographically mobile but considering I have an EU passport the easiets entry would be in London or Amsterdam.

So I will be glad if someone can recommend me a place where to start with.
  1. Which companies are hiring starting traders?
  2. Are there any pre-requirements for working as a trader in the UK or in the Netherlands (licence/certificate etc)?
  3. What should I expect when apply for trading companies? For example I heard that there are special tests I can prepare for at http://tradertest.org/, are there any other tests I should be ready for?
  4. To be fair I don't have that much capital to chip in myself so I cannot afford to place 20,000 pounds just for training. Most of my money were spent on education.

So far I found a list of different companies but I don't know who is just training and who is offering their own capital so I will appreciate your insight:

So far I feel that my main need is not a basic education of trading but an environment where I can master and develop my trading style by learning and receive capital to make money for myself and the company (a rev. share).

Thank you


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without any proper portofolio, there's no chance any company would hire you.
propose a descriptive trading strategies would be enough.
i would like to share what most investor needs from our trading : security!! stay with proporsional trading and stay reasonable with profit target.
here's the current plan I working for : joining myfxbook, choosing decent brokers support my trading style (required low spread price, fair and good execution, secure payment method), for this one I already open an ECN account with Armada Markets (trading condition meet my trading strategy requirement). regarding myfxbook, i intend to provide autotrade provider using my account linked with their autotrade system, which armada one of brokers supported this feature (not all brokers supporter currently). when i got approval as autotrade provider, i can collect as many autopilot client, and built my positive portfolio, future plan is to manage client's account based on thus trading, and develop my own firm.
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