LIke the TA on Parity -PTY think it will benefit from any uplift in the tech sector.
CTT - Cattles interesting??
Imho only any views.
I've followed PTY since someone first mentioned it on CI in the summer (was it Fluff? ) and had two small successes.
I think it will recover again but would like to wait a little longer. I can't see it rising much above 200, however, and the spreads are usually too wide at this price to make a really good killing.
Good luck
I would concur both look interesting from a TA point of view. Parity with 4 out of 5 indicators showing a possible buy, and if it could rise to 200, then whoopee nice profit to be made, but who knows where the Tech market will go.

Cattles has been in a uptrend since 16/10 but within a narrow range of approx 20 points and may be a play for the longer term.

As ever CAUTION is the watchword in these uncertain times.

Good luck to those who venture

Have to say I dont like either very much but I prefer Parity:macd lines have just crossed upward,mildly bullish harami candle pattern on weekly chart though not great volume.Has some resistance(trend lines) to overcome just above 150.
Cannot see much excitement in Cattles (so it will probably be taken over on Monday!!)
Macd has just turned negative and my systems gave sell signals at beginning of Dec. but it has retraced 50% of its recent move upwards so it might bounce a bit.
Last months Techinvest tipped PTY strongly for recovery...spread is often big..can we say it means the MMs are not sure which way the stock is going to move?.. as they do on Kewill...

5 EMA just crossed over 10 SMA both heading up to cross 26 SMA..stochastics K crossed over D just above 20 indicating that the price is near its low..14 day RSI midway between 30 and 50 heading up...

PTY is certainly worth to watch..
Not commited yet Steve, but watching it like a hawk. Still looking good


Parity reached an all time low today at 128 - so much for them charts.

Profit warning due ?????

I have found that PTY are being deleted from SETS trading from Mon 18th Dec.

They will now trade on SEAQ.

I dont know what this means - does it have any bearing???

Another one down the pan.
Not heard anything on profits,cookie.
SETS matches your limit automatically and usually gives you the price you want.
SEAQ can mean you may need to negotiate a price ie you might not be able to trade on line unless your your order is buy/sell at best...not recommended.
I think thats correct.
ps does'nt SETS just cover the top 250 or 350 shares in the FTSE

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The Questor Review 2000:

Our fourth sacrifice on the altar of tech-mania is Parity Group, a consultancy. It showed solid growth for most of the 1990s, with pre-tax profits up from £600,000 to £23m in 1999. A year ago, the company was taking orders for website design and IT staff hand over fist. But then the Millennium came and went without disaster and companies cut back on technology investment. Parity issued a profits warning in May and on Friday the shares closed at 113.5p, compared with 337.5p at which we recommended them. Even at that level, they are trading at 19 times next forecast earnings per share and do not look cheap.
Parity PTY
Brought this back because the last couple of days are quite interesting. It's behaving similar to the movement of last August. What do you think TA wise?