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The last couple of days while on t2w I have intermittently been provided with a Catchpa screen seemingly to 'verify' I'm a real person. As a Simian, I take offence at such humanist discrimination, but that's a separate issue.

The issue is that a Catchpa, when responded to, provides the issuer of the request access to personal information from the device upon which the session is established. Can t2w confirm these requests are now being issued by them directly? If the answer is NO, then you have security issues. If the answer is YES, then we have security issues.


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It's probably because you are using TOR and as such verification is needed. Security is more an issue since the DDOS attack.

I fully support any and all security measures necessary to protect the site. Unfortunately, catchpa compromises individual privacy and as I go through a corporate VHO server my network RoE are non-negotiable - I couldn't comply even if I wished. It's not a problem as it automatically dumps my connection and resets it. I just have to login again.


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Just to explain what's happening. If our monitoring system detects an unusual increase in traffic to the site, it can trigger the DDOS protection. When that kicks in we then track any suspicious connections. So if you're using a proxy, it's quite probable you'll be challenged to fill in a captcha to confirm you're a human and not an evil DDOS bot. It's a small price you have to pay if you prefer to access the site through an anonymous proxy.


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I go through a corporate VHO server my network RoE are non-negotiable -.

I wouldn't worry about this. He was using the TOR network. Not a private VHO. We can see every fake IP he's used and all are part of the TOR network.

Priviacy is a funny thing. You attract much more attention to yourself by using anonymizing sites and networks.

I would actually warn off anyone using the TOR newtork / browser. You don't know who's running the networks you are connected to. It may be a great way to to set up multnicks without detection, but sending your passwords and personal information across these networks its not as safe as people think.


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I have no idea what you are talking about so you are all safe with me

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