Price-Time-volume 3D Charts


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Forgive me if this is already readily available as a standard feature on any of the charting packages, and please don't laugh if you think it's a silly question.

I am wondering if eSignal/TradeStation/metastock or the others can draw a 3D chart based on price and time, but with the volume as a z axis? It's like what you see on an Excel chart or Powerpoint presentation that the high volume point can look like the top of a hill and the contours will show how the volume builds up and dies off.



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The Visual Trader look is very good but the height of the bar is the price ans I don't think they provide volume info.

What I have in mind is:
x = time
y = price
z = volume

BTW, eSignal only allows its own data feed, and can TradeStation/Metastock/others accept other vendors' data?

Thanks in any case.
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