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Does anyone know if you can set price "alerts" on Sierra charts?
So that it will set off an audible alarm when I am asleep in front of the screen etc.

Any other techie solutions to alert one when a price level is hit (Forex mainly)?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Neil,

I have an audible alarm setup as follows.

For the chart, add a new study from the list ".Worksheet Study/System/Alert" should be top of the list.

Goto settings

change 3rd field on right to 2 for alerts.

In the worksheet for the sheet number of the chart add "=if(e3>='price',1,0)" to cell K3

I havnt been able to find out how to get it to continue bleeping yet so it will only bleep once.

Hiya Neil,

Sorry for hijacking your thread but could someone let me know if you can get an alert for the following:

EG I enter trades based on a set criteria are you able to set an alert if say the Price is above or below a certain level, MACD is above or below a certain level. Or am I asking the impossible, probably.
Hi dazzam,

similar to as described above.

except you also need to reference cells AG-AI which is where the MACD numbers will be in the worksheet.

i.e "=IF(AND(E3>=100,AG3>0.5),1,0)"

100 = price
0.5 = Macd
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Hi Neil

There is a simple alert system where you don't need to have a worksheet, but you do need to have at least one study on the chart - anything will do. Here's what to do:

1. Click on Analysis/Studies.

2. If you don't have a study on the chart, add one - say Moving Average or Volume, by selecting the study name from the list and clicking on Add.

3. Click on Settings, then type the alert you want in the Alert Condition box, e.g.

c < 9800

will fire if the close price on the last bar in the chart is less than 9800, or e.g.

l < 9780 or h > 9840

will fire if the low on the last bar is less than 9780 or the high is greater than 9840 (I use this type).

These alerts will go off repeatedly if the price moves away from the alert condition and then back. You can do quite a bit more than this without having to resort to the worksheets, e.g. you can check for price crossing over say a moving average study, and you can refer to values [n] bars back. Have a look at the Help file in the section Chart Studies, Study Alerts and Scanning, and go to the final section Alert Conditions and Scanning.

I know the Sierra help manual is very difficult to read - IMO it's not really a help manual at all but a terse reference guide for people who already know what they are doing - but I think if you read it enough times it will start to sink in!

The procedure for setting and changing the alerts is a bit clunky too (compared say to QuoteTracker which is just excellent in this respect), but try using the keyboard shortcuts - it's much faster and easier when you get used to it:

F6 Alt-E A

Good luck!

agree knorrie!! that is a much simpler way.

didnt realise you could do that.
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