Please help me with Bloomberg terminal!!!


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I am new in the forum and new to the finance terminals.
I have been looking for days now to download a series of data from Bloomberg terminal but I confess I got lost!
I have logged in twice and spent more that 3 hours each time and ended believe me or not just to watch the screen.!!!
I was not able to download anything.I asked for help from the assistant today, she explained me two or three things, but still did not manage to do anything.Could you please suggest how this dataset works?I am not looking anything particularly so strange..normal data for those 55 countries you can find on the manifesto project (see google).
Historical sequence is from 1/1/1980 to 12/31/2011 (yearly and daily data)

The variables I am looking are

Government 10years bonds rates(T- Bill definition)
Stock market index for each country
CDS over bonds for each country(on the 10 years one better!)
Debt as % of GDP
Deficit as % of GDP.
Spreads on bonds
Nominal exchange rates(national currency agains US dollar)
yield spread between rated bonds (ie. BAA and AAA), often labeled the default spread
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