Physical Trading Floor in North West England - Idea's/Interest?


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As you can see I am new to this forum - hopefully I will be spending lot's more time here!

I used to work in the city (sales) and currently reside in the North west of England.

Myself and my partner are currently trading, predominately FX, from home. We have a decent chunk of capital at sensible leverage but we do miss the benefits of a physical floor.

I know all about 'prop floors' and the like in London but was thinking about starting a 'community trading floor' locally.

A place where traders can trade, share ideas and feel part of a family (a competitive one!).

NOT a place to sell 'training' or run any courses. In fact, I would suggest nothing but trading would be permitted.

I know that this type of solution is not for everyone and there may be such limited interest that it does not take off but it has to be worth looking in to.

I was thinking about a city centre location with good competitive links (Manchester, Preston perhaps), approx 20 desks, full facilities and data provided etc etc.

My main question's would be:

Is there any interest in setting something like this up?

How best to pay for the services - We could simply add up all the costs plus a buffer of say 20% (to cover non payers/ upkeep etc) and divide between all the traders? I would think it would work out between £150 to £250 a month per trader.

Has anybody used a prop floor before - what are the draw backs / positives?

Any other general ideas to throw in?

This is very early stage and as such I am just trying to connect with local traders who may have some idea/input.

Thank you for taking the time to read/post.




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An interesting idea. How about Southport ?

I think I know the very place. It's the old Morrisons supermaket/ Waitrose/ etc. Several firms have tried, but is still empty after perhaps 5 [five] years.

Someone must be desperate to do something with it ?

It is quiet big, and we would not need to rent much of it. It is central with an NCP car park above. Love the idea of being with other traders to share ideas etc.

Interested ?

How about "The Maze" on the corner of Shakespeare St. It appears as a small shop, but inside are several large rooms, I think some are for let. Not central, poor parking, bit is about the size required- 20 desks.

Quite a few Victorian pubs with function rooms which are not often used : The Shakespeare, The Mount Pleasant, The Old Ship. The Shakespeare cold easy take 20 tables- already enplaced

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Hugh Janus 3

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I love the idea, but unfortunately the wrong end of the country for me.....however if there's any coke, or midget-tossing included in the service fee.....then hold on....

I'll Grab Me Coat !


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I live in Preston

I think its a great idea

Trading Spaces

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Just get a desk in a desk space company and then tell other traders where you are in the trading firms subforum on this site.
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