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Thought it would be a fun way to share my trading set-ups and analysis. This journal is only my opinion, right or wrong on the outcome, I'm just putting it out there.

Mostly trade DAX XETRA these days with the use of a CFD account and financial spread betting account. Partial to some SMI trades and the occasional S&P trades as I find these 3 markets the easiest to chart and follow.

I do not trade markets such as FTSE or Dow Jones or FX, even commodities I tend not to get involved with as I find them harder to chart successfully over the longer term. I prefer to trade markets that work with my style of TA rather than be a 'Jack Of All Trades'... excuse the pun.

Main interpretation of charts is with the use of trend-lines, channels, support/resistance, candlesticks, multi time frames and some indicators, just your normal everyday run of the mill TA stuff that always gets rubbished :)

One final note, I have set this journal to only allow people to post on it that are on my contact list. So if you want to take-part, then request acceptance. Helps keep the journal tidy.

Thanking you.


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The DAX at noon with an expected breather before the upcoming U.S. data followed by Yellen - after a very short-term buy signal was triggered by intraday breakout from the 9700/800 range of the last two days.

Basically now expected to put further upward potential in the direction 9.880/90 after the outbreak of the range between about 9700-9800 points. But before that is likely to take a breather at current levels up to the U.S. data. Negative would now be a relapse under the center of the long white hourly candle AND a re-break below 9,800 points - completely negative below about 9,680 points.


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