PC Slowed up?


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This link may be of interest to you. It is a bone-fide site which I use regularly. [M-Tech is a well respected USA hardware vendor]

KnowBrainer Speech Recognition Forums - Computer Program Warning

For anybody not in the know:

Anything microsoft is borlox. Unfortunately as 98% of applications are written for MSFT then we are stuck with it and its lights flashing browser Internet Explorer.
Google Chrome is Forkin Shiite. Not 1 good word to say about it.
Security programs? Norton is Wonk, McAfee is for Wonkers and Kaspersky is for Queers. The prob with all these is that they spend so much of resource trying to make the system secure that it ceases to be a functioning computer and is just a constantly updating box. Impossible to use if you need an open data feed which we as traders all do. Its like an airport that demands a 2 hour checkin then takes 2.5 hours to get through security, in other words it ceases to be an airport and becomes a place for people to stand around so the security staff can whine about them beig late for a flight.
The way forward is to have a dedicated system laptop or desktop, install Windows 7 or even XP Pro. Secure it with an off the shelf package like webroot enabling datafeed pipes and teamviewer remote support access. Install Mozilla Firefox as a web browser then make sure all the ads and some popups are disabled. Install your charting platform and away you go. Use this system for trading and only trading. If you want to send emails, facebook, xhamster, spreadsheet, word processing, youtube, Skype then get another computer, netbook or smart phone.
I am on the road for 2 weeks every 4. I KNOW this is the way to do things.


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Good one Lax

There are a lot of uncertainties and issues these days. having separate computers for distinct purposes would really be beneficial and create lesser stress down the road.
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