Patterns to profit from in DAX, please contribute

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I'm currently examining various "known patterns" in the markets, mostly on DAX, to see if they are right to the degree that one can profit from them. My question here is what patterns/rules exist? I know the ones below, but I'd like to hear more if anyone knows. no need to document it, if you heard about it/read about it, let me know, just to get my imagination going ;-)
Opening Price Principle: If you a few hours into the day are above the opening price, go long

Opening Range: On 90% of days after 2 hours, either the High or the Low will not be broken that day->if current price is above average of first 2 hours High and Low, go long

Bryce Gilmore 3-day Balance Point: If current price is above average of last 3 days High and Low, go long