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Palladium was one of the top performers of the past year, in the raw materials sector, but now it is replicating performance in the opposite direction, or with a collapse that is leading the prices in a real bear market induced by the strengthening of the dollar and the spread of the coronavirus. Palladium has been hit hard by the spread of the coronavirus and by the unleashing of fears about the economic impact on the economy and, not least, by the collapse of car sales in China; right now investors have abandoned commodities and, in the midst of the collapse of global equity markets, are turning their attention to the greenback which is getting stronger and stronger. Palladium Futures : I'm Short from 850 (April contract)


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The price of palladium increased by 54% throughout 2019, the highest appreciation of the top four precious metals for the third consecutive year.

The rise of palladium has continued in the early 2020s, with a rise of more than $ 200 that has led it to overcome the barrier of $ 2,100 an ounce for the first time in its history

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$pa $palladium is in a very nice trend
some work: (note the failed bull flag)
have a STO held, via cfd (which have maintained an overly bullish - 80% long - by retail, despite being on margin!)
since the rip down after the Feb high COT has tightened up*0
Aug 22 view: breaking this channel did not alter the bullish bias:

from the top out of an easy-to-miss wedge all lifts, against the decline, have been standard commodity ratios
robust construction down, only rare occasions "top clients" moved to 40% players long with 55% capital in STO's

we have some ways to go before sentiment makes a decent enough swing that'll call for a rotation to take advantage
of the "new bull" .......the discount buyers are keen to get the discount that keeps on giving

$pa front month continuous contract:
i am looking for price to at least get to the floor of this channel before a decent heave to cause a minor
squeez as managers finally lean to the sell side


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