Overlapping Bars: MT4 indicator


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I suspect I asked this question before a while ago...

Is there an indicator where the chart draws a box where "X" number of bars overlap each other?
Can't find anything on the MT4 codebase, or maybe I am describing it incorrectly.
I know there are Engulfing Bars, etc, but I want to control bar numbers.

I will upload a pic of an example, soon.
I am looking to have MT4 draw for me regions where consecutive bars High/Low overlap.
As I think it might help to alert congestion.

Ta, chuck.


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Pic: the shaded boxes show where price seems to have overlapped.
Does the idea ring any bells for anyone?
Failing that, I am going to have to write my own!


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Really good question.

I've never heard of such indicator. However, as a possible alternative, would ATR be useful? I'm supposing that as bars start to over-lay, you'd increasingly see their ranges shorten and/or coincide, with an impact either way on ATR.

I have in the past manually tallied overlapping weekly bars as a way to sense-check the apparent strength of trends on daily charts. Its surprising how sometimes the D1 chart features say there's a great trend in place, and when you look back at the weeklies, the previous 12 weekly bars all overlap with the current bar...........


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Haven't tried ATR.
I don't think an ATR number would be as visual as a box on a chart.
Then, I could visually see S/R (possibly), or possible points of interest where price faltered or reversed in the past.
Also, if I have to code it myself, it could lend itself to being used an an automated alert.
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Not a direct answer to your Q (sorry!) But the patterns of candles you're interested in will themselves paint a certain type of candle on a higher T/F which might be easier to identify.


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Not a direct answer to your Q (sorry!) But the patterns of candles you're interested in will themselves paint a certain type of candle on a higher T/F which might be easier to identify.
This is true. I can see how, for example, 2 engulfing bars could be seen, at a higher TF as a pin-bar.
Just to add a bit of flesh to this idea, the image I have uploaded is an attempt to visualise what I think may have merit.
The first 2 bars, are sort of engulfing bars, in that the move from bar-01 is being "undone" by bar-02.
The next one, the pin-bar is an amalgam of the first two. Something we are all familiar with.

But if we looked at a smaller TF, and
concentrated where the price spent most of its time, we would possibly get the orange-shaped bar.
Don't know, but would this give more info to the chartist?
If my memory serves from last time, someone mentioned "heatmaps".


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Hey T

I remember looking at this phenomenon a few years back with a few guys who were also big on using market profile charting systems ....

We were especially interested in cluster price levels where 7 or more consecutive bars were all registering the same price jn their ranges ....then trading the beaches....

Kind of similar to most consolidation /breakout strategies but interesting none the less....

Will see what I have

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thanks N for the update.
good to know others had the same idea.
will be good to see if you have anything, but don't feel obliged.

hope you had a good week.
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