Other US OTC - help please !!!


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Hello all,

im a newbie here so go easy.

I want invest in an "other OTC" US stock. However my regular brokers dont trade them. does anyone know a UK firm that does and preferably with low transaction charges ?

thank you very much !!!



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Trader333 said:
www.interactivebrokers.co.uk is one of the best and used by many on this board.


do they do onine trades for US OTC/pnk sheets?
I'm using TD waterhouse, but becasue of the micrscopic prices thier online system cant seem to deal with it and none of the pinks register. I have to ring them everytime, which seems to defeat the object of having online account.


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If you give me an example of some of the stocks that you are referring to and their 4 letter code I will check on Monday.



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Heres a couple that I'm sitting on


btw if you are into the pinks CMKX looks as though its gonna blow. Lot of hype around it.


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tic toc- Had a look at CMKX. There's a huge amount of hype on all the bulletin boards, people getting carried away saying it's going to be a 1000 bagger- I've never seen anything like it!. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. I dug a little deeper, and foung that the president and chairman of the Board of Directors, Urban Casavant, was president of a mining company called Petro Plus. It appears that the share was hyped up on "rumours", and Casavant was accused of shorting the share, before leaving. In other words, a scam. Be very careful. Check out google groups and type in "petro plus". There are a lot of threads to get through, a lot of "this is going to the moon" type threads, and also a lot of "does anybody know what is going on?". Here's an example

http://groups.google.com/groups?q=p...ff&[email protected]&rnum=42

CMKX released an RNS on Thursday night claiming that their Carolyn pipe is "diamondiferous"- no figures on quality or quantity. I'm sure the stock will fly on Monday, if it's not suspended, as the two other partner companies on the Canadian exchange on Friday doubled before being suspended with all trades cancelled. Something very fishy is going on. I may be wrong, but something's not right.

Good luck


china white

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matey with all due respect u trade those stocks if u have inside. Like sh*gging CEO's daughter. Or having a really good china at the core. But if that is the case why r u asking on this board? If that is not the case MY STRONG ADVICE is to steer away from them :)


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China White is right. If you want to invest in other "OTC stock" because some Joe told you it's good, then you are on the wrong path. To invest in a type of stock or industry YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS.
China White what if the CEO has a son? lol


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I am new to this board and a yank, so please have mercy on a first time poster.I have been in otcbb stocks for about 4 years and have found them to be shakey at best,but I am currently way up because of one issue, MOBL .The hype around it is strong , but the available info , which is huge , backs up what the hype is saying .Always ,especially when in otcbb stocks , due your own dd.But I think that this one will meet your expectations.
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