Optionetics course for sale. 14 CDs, 6 DVDs and 3 volume of library set.


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This is home study course which have been written by George Fontanills and Tom Gentile from optionetics. Optionetics are one of the leaders of financial education.

I acquire these materials after attending the 2 days course which cost me £1800. The whole package is in excellent condition. In these materials you get full market strategies, money management and deeper understanding of how options works. The course will include

14 CDs, 14 DVDs and 3 volume of library sets.

3volume of library sets includes
1.Trading fundamentals understanding options.
2.Options strategies applying options trading Techniques and advanced strategies.
3.Money management basics developing a solid financial foundation market analysis tools.

1. Introduction to stocks and options. (Part1)
2. Introduction to stock and options. (part2)
3. Effective trading.
4. Long Calls and Long puts.
5. High profit - low risk strategies.
6. Technical analysis and trading plan.
7. Directional trading for instant success.
8. Sporting directions and Patterns.
9. Starting the trading days.
10. Delta Neutral trading, straddles and strangles.
11. Straddles and strangles (continue).
12. Tracking the sideways markets and George 5 minutes success formula.
13. Trading any markets.
14. Protecting your portfolio.

6 -DVD set
DVD1... Fundamentals of options.
DVD2...Debits and credits spreads.
DVD3... Straddles and strangles.
DVD4... Calendars, Buttrflies and condors.
DVD5... Ratio backspreads and collars.
DVD6... Money management, trading styles and wrap up

Armed with full knowledge of how to use options to enhance your portfolio and hedge your market strategies, you will have been empowered with world class instruction to make better trading decisions and control your risk in the market.

The package will provide the very best of what you need to become a successful trader by providing comprehensive home study materials.

Will sell for £180 including postage cost. Contact me for any queries.

You can pick up the materials or i will send to you through post.

My contact number is 07530575169 or though email address [email protected].

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Hi rockseller and others who are intersted

are u still intersted in buying the Optionetics by George Fontanills and Tom Gentile
i bought the 15 cd course from a guy for 150$

CD1 Introduction to stocks and stock options trading (George A. Fontanills)
CD2 Introduction to stocks and stock options trading continued (George A. Fontanills)
CD3 Beyond the Basics (Tom Gentile)
CD4 Beyond the Basics continued (Tom Gentile)
CD5 High profit low risk debit spreads (Tom Gentile)
CD6 High profit low risk debit spreads continued (Tom Gentile)
CD7 Directional trading for instance success (George A. Fontanills)
CD8 Directional trading for instance success continued (George A. Fontanills)
CD9 Starting the trading day, and ratio back spreads (George A. Fontanills)
CD10 Ratio back spreads and the 5 minutes success formula (George A. Fontanills)
CD11 Trading the Markets (George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile)
CD12 Straddle the Markets (George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile)
CD13 Tracking the sideways Market (George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile)
CD14 Tracking the sideways Market continued (George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile)
CD15 Protecting your portfolio with collars (George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile)

Can ask for that for 60$ only.
via paypal
interested can reply or pm
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