We like Gabe. He is an instructor from Online Trading Academy.

May I tell you a story?

My husband and I gave our savings to OTA. We were looking for a way to make income to help pay for medical bills since he deals with a chronic illness. On top of everything else purchased, we specifically paid for something called "Pro Picks" and this was for the Forex Pairs. A lifetime of trade ideas based upon their Supply and Demand training.

(Note: they are no longer called Pro Picks because the FTC got involved in their aggressive marketing practices. People complained! They are now called "OTA picks")

When the salesman sold us on these OTA Picks, since my husband has these health issues, we decided it would be advantageous for us to "fall back" on them in case we didn't immediately grasp the concept taught by OTA.
And instead of purchasing an annual subscription we purchased a lifetime. Had we only purchased a year, we would not be so upset and we could move on. But, we are stuck seeing how they do not work, well, until death do us part. The salesman didn't say a thing as we spoke our thoughts in front of him He had dollar signs in his eyes. Thirty Seven thousand dollar signs when all was said and done.

Nevertheless, what one needs to consider is this; if the OTA Picks are the fruit and results of their "Supply and Demand" instruction-and they constantly fail, then how good is the "patented" training they provide? In other words, one would think they would have awesome stats since the same instructors teaching the students are the ones who create the list, right?

On the day we were given the spiel, when they showed us the stats on the Pro Picks trades, the stats "appeared" favorable. However, that is not what we have experienced "post" sale.

On todays date, they have 16 Forex trades on the board. Two are currently open, five are pending and the remaining are Closed For Loss. Yet overall, the stats read a 47% win rate.

After four years, my husband hardly attends the on-going training classes. OTA is always selling the Picks as well as other "training" not on the menu. The instructors are given opportunities to "sell" their personal strategies for a small fee on top of the already paid classes. I.e. Signature Series.

However, the reason for the lack of attendance is because if and when someone is interested in purchasing the Picks, he says something to prevent them from throwing away money. And why shouldn't he warn others? As a result, he is pounced on verbally by the proverbial cult following. He has been called names and insulted and the instructors have said nothing. All because he wants others not make the same mistake we made.

The very same people that have also been with OTA for years. What do I mean? These same people who should have been kicked out of the nest by now, so to speak, are still attending the same training years later. But when you pursue a four year degree, isn't there a time when you have a general working knowledge? Or do you attend the four year for 8 years, plus? Isn't there a time when you have "learned" in order to go out on your own?

So, we like Gabe, but we stay away from any recommendation of OTA.
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