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Hi Dr. Mike

I seem to remember reading about Fund managers only needing to track the index.

So if a fund manager under performs an index - then they lose their job, so it's beneficial to them to just track the index.

Ok so your job title is to track the index. Pick the top 5 companies in the FTSE 100 - so that's BP, Vodafone, GlaxoSmithKline, Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC - you buy equal shares in each on the 2nd January. What do you do for the rest of the year?

If the above is true, then it backs up Skim's point perfectly. Are you going to trust someone who is just buying 5 shares a year and leaving them :confused:


PS: At this point I would like to apologise to madgooner for diverting this thread completely


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Thanks Riz and mooms I am S/Betting Uk shares and would like to get more of members views on the UK ftse100 and UK shares.
I recently went long on Barclays but reading todays press I think i have dropped a clanger and will close this in the morning.Is it to late to go short on barclays.


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Reference Barclays.

I have not read the news today on this stock.

If its a paper Tipsters or one of the Clown Brokers, I would forget there sell advice for now, but if they are going bust thats different

From a TA view this looks at my buying leveling here 355/360.

I wouldnt do anything too hasty yet.


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Thanks for the reply. Will see what happens next week the final results are due in feb.I am also long on RBOS a bit nervous about banks and am looking for some shares to short to keep a balance.
Would like to keep this Uk subject ongoing because I have learnt a lot from this site. have tried trading the DOW and FTSE index but have returned to the FTSE shares, I cannot day trade and it suits me to position trade . LOL .


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FTSE Beater - No problem.

Can I throw Amlin Plc into the hat (have a look at the chart), it is classed as a FTSE 250 but Fins do not offer it - anyone know why?
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