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As a new member I need a little help in evaluating an online course I want to take
Do you think the concepts being taught here are the same as Alexander Elder ?
Namely buy short and sell short.
They teach you how to make 1% within 14 days.
If you do that twice a month , you can make 30% return on your trades for a year.


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Well I see it has been a year since you posted this so I am guessing that you have already come to a conclusion. I did take the plunge and bought the course in the fall of 2008 (no pun intended). I did not know anything about Alexander Elder at the time.

As you know the course is priced quite high but I also learned quite a bit about investing and had my wife take the course with me which helped her understand the markets. After the first year I reupped for their Liveinvestor program and commentary but it wasn't until recently that I realized that Train2invest appears to be Alexander Elders' concepts repackaged.

I will not be reupping for another year as I am confident enough in my ability to keep going at my present rate with out paying for their Liveinvestor quote machine. I will be using Stockcharts.com and have bought Elders' books to continue my progression as a trader........at a significant discount to what a yearly subscription to Train2invest costs.

The Train2invest system is not in of itself a bad one, just overpriced in this traders opinion. For a raw newbie I would recommend it but the price is steep, I think reading and applying Elders' books will get you just as far at a fraction of the price.

Just one traders' opinion,


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I doubt that you are advertising train2invest rather than conveying information
I think I agree with your statement.....I am not advertising for the aforementioned company. In fact quite the opposite. One thing I wanted to say about it though is its' exit system is quite different from anything I have seen. Remember I am quite new at this and by no means profess to be an expert.

The exit system is basically find a stock as per the triple screen and/or impulse system that has a good probability of gaining 1% in fourteen days. Once you hit a 1% gain you sell and look for your next stock.

Does it work? Since I started trading for real I have made 35 trades. Only 1 trade was stopped out at my stop loss, I am also holding one more that is at a loss but has not yet hit my stop. The other 33 trades were all 1% gains.

Here is the bad side, all these trades have taken place during a bull market (Aug to Dec 2010). I have not used the system in a bear market yet. I also have missed out on even more profit because of the rigid 1% gain and then sell rule. However by following this rigid 1% gain rule I don't ever question "when should I sell?"

My immediate future goal is to see if I can confidently use more of an Alexander Elder exit to increase profits.

Just on traders' opinion

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