OmniTrader ARM2

I just received an invitation to join the OmniTrader Club and purchase their new improved software with ARM2.

The new version has been under development for several years and uses a knowledge base uploaded from the internet on a regular basis to select signals based on current market conditions.

The underlying algorithm is based on genetic mutation for the technically minded. New rules evolve and survive according to how successful they are.

Sounds very impressive though it has a impressive price tag to go along with it.

I'd like to hear more if you know anything about it, some one who uses or find any links...
Darth - you almost read my mind!!!

Also just received the same bumph.....looks impressive, appears to take OT the necessary steps further - possibly in a way like aIQ? (ie. looks at putting a picture from the signals together, rather than each signal individually - if I understand correctly....) Again, agree the price tag is impressive, so will be looking for reccommendations before I part with $2500 worth!!! It would have to live up to a lot of expectations! I'd really want to find out more, so if anyone has views, please post....

Got the same as you can't make further comments...don't think I'll ever pay that much however...

I agree Riz......maybe though in a couple of years, as they recoup their initial investment, the price could be FAR less than at present. Only then may it be worthwhile......lets face it, the finest computational device is the human brain!

As a piece of marketing it is very impressive. For me the key think is that it is based on genetic algorithms instead of neural networks or artificial intelligence/expert systems.

This is a distinct differentiator whereby a set of rules based on simple signals is evolved over time to reflect the current state of the market and enable signals to be generated and measured against their probability of being correct.

The concept is very powerful and full of potential. I guess I'd jut like to have a 'free' trial or an objective view from an owner.

Maybe I'll just wait 'till the price comes down as you suggest. I must admit that metastock is my preferred TA tool nowadays.
I have used OmniTrader ARM2 for about a year. I find the signals are much more reliable than the standard OmniTrader.