Omni pick Mon 19/3

Hi darth
RSI peak & trading band crossover.
Cant say I'd buy it myself either.

Thanks for the info Jazz.
IMHO this one has been subject to distribution for the last 6 months and will continue to fall.

No financial advice intended.


there are a whole load of indicators derived from On Balance Volume including the Positive Volume Index and the Negative equilvalent.

there is a premise that the smart money works on quiet days and so negative volume index tracks volume then.

for PRE the nvi has been steadliy decreasing since September.

You can also tie this in to well known chart patterns and the associated accumulation/distribution characteristics described by Edwards and McGee.

Thanks Darth.

The one thing I really miss on Omnitrader is not having OBV/ NVI. I actually wrote to them, and they said that there were no plans to include either - something I really miss. I am not comfortable with the other volume indicators on OT, so any help on how best to use them from other members would be appreciated.