Old "reply" box problem still unsolved

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I've got a password problem brought on by the Lee Shepherd incident.

I lost my old one and T2W gave me a very a complicated mix of letters to replace it. Since I seem to be open all the time I don't use it enough for it to have been necessary for me to change to something simpler.

However, a few years (?) ago I complained about not being able to select specific posters on a thread by using the box that appears when pressing "replies". It used to work, which is why I found it useful and would like it back. If I had not had the facility, I would not miss it!

I've downloaded Chrome because I was told that the "reply" facility works on it and the problem is a bug in vbulletin. I wanted to sift preferred posts on Lee's thread but cannot get into T2W with my new password.

Please help!

And I hope that that, after all the trouble, the "reply" box works on it. If it does not, please say so and I won't bother with Chrome!


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I'm using Chrome now.
If this is what your are looking for then it works on Chrome. Clicking on the number next to the member name brings up only that member's posts in the thread you want.



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