Okay Brits, explain to an American tard why yuo have a passion for doing this


Veteren member
Well if I ever catch you at it , I will rip off the exhaust pipe
and ram it down your throat till it comes out the other end.

And then I will say to you.
What's wrong , you've got legs, you can still walk can't you ?

Have a nice evening.

Car Key Boi

Well-known member
Who are yuo going to beat? By the time yuo find my artwork scrawled into yuor hood, I'll be relaxing in a nearby cafe, anonymously enjoying yuor enraged freakout. Hmmm... I'm guessing yuor ride is among the forty or so cars I keyed up the last time i was in yuor neighborhood, and now yuo're just a little bitter. Well, relax. It's not personal. It's not about yuo. It's about yuor car and my key. :cool:

Bonsai, i'm trolling yuo, i don't really key up people's rides ;)


Veteren member
well now, that 's a real comfort, I'm sure.

Anyway, you don't have the balls to try it on my car.
It's around town often enough. You can't mistake it.
It's the one with no number plates.
Because Beryl Bonsai is very famous, and you may just get banged up one of these days at Beryl's pleasure in a nice red brick building down Scrubs Lane, London. :cheesy:


Veteren member
yes my dear, of course.
I do believe you were pointed out to me by somebody.
You have a very nice wave if you don't mind me saying so.
We will look forward to another nice wave , my husband does
so enjoy live theatre.
But I didnt really take to your hat. A bit frisky, don't you think ?
And who told you that it went with those shoes !
Mummy would not have approved.

edited by proof reader in general.

Car Key Boi

Well-known member
huh? :confused:


jonnyy40 said:
An American wrote a song about streaking in the 70's -- 'They call him the streak, he likes to turn the other cheek -- Don't look Ethel,Too late!' So maybe you're to blame? The first well-known British streaker was Erika Rowe,who went topless at Twickenham.There may have been a few cricket streakers earlier,but Erika stuck in my mind!

I would hazard a guess if I asked you what her face looked like you could not give me a decent answer :) but if I asked you about her lungs you could no doubt describe them in great detail.

Fond memories Peterb
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