NIS-Worth Keeping?


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Hello "winners",
Brand New member-1st post,been "lurking for a while!).
Any one have a view on NIS? Northgate information Solutions.

I have held this for nearly two months(does this count as short term here?).

All my research(endless hours it seems)points me towards a profit.

Much respected opinions would be welcomed.And will be "lurked" at intently.

Hello and welcome Rob.........Northgate should have given you one or two trading opportunites in the past two months, you say you have held. Having fallen from 84.5 on the 8/12 to 61.5 on the 5/1, then rising to 77.5 on the 24/1, falling back to 69.5 on the 5/2, and currently 72.5 at time of writing.

From my chart it would appear to be heading for a sideways trend with ever narrowing range forming a pennant pattern. If it breaks out upwards then it could keep going, alternatively a break below could send it futher down.

This is not a hard and fast rule, and good/bad announcements can send the share contrary to what the charts might indicate.

Keep an eye on it, and remember cut losses.........CUT LOSSES!!!!!

Good luck


Thanks "Uncle" John (Youre not from Jamaica are you?)

Your TA was most welcome,The fundementals of this company have been transformed over the past year by the new man at the top(Chris Stone).
He seems to have turned what was a solid loss making co(MDIS) into a decent,more streamlined, profit making story.
I am sitting on a small loss at the moment but am quietly confident that,as soon as bigger contract wins are announced,my holding will pay off.
They only moved on to the Techmark a short while ago and have faired quite well since.
I am looking hard for another tech play at the moment as NIS is my only holding in this sector.

Does anyone know of a site that concentrates mostly on Techmark 100 stock??

Excellent BB by the way,keep up the good work!

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