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Aug 27, 2004
Dear forum participants,

I have recently got an idea... what if I try to analyze news and try to base by system on the news releases? This will allow me to incorporate a bit of fundamental analysis into my statistics.

So, went to look for resourses on the internet. I have tried major financial news sites: yahoo, cnn, forbes, bloomberg, etc. but could not really find an archive of news that I could use for my research.

I am pretty sure that there are people that had similar ideas and looked into the same kind of approach to market analysis. Please, let me know what "news mining" software I could use, what sites could be of help or any places on forums where similar topic has already been discussed.

I will greatly appreciate any responses and your help. Also, it would probably be interesting to continue this thread.

Thanks in advanced,



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May 29, 2003
I believe this site has an archive but I have never looked in it so I cannot vouch for how thorough it is, but their current news is second to none.


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Feb 11, 2005
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Be careful combining news with TA because of timing issues.
By the time you read the news, it will have been factored into the price,
if it is at all relevant.

You can test this by dragging up old news and looking at the charts at
the time of the news.

Good luck


Dec 9, 2004
Hi I like this idea.

But what hypothesis are you seeking to test or develop.

I dont agree that markets are efficent in that information is priced in on a fair basis (for sure it affects the price but fairly i think not).

What i think will be really interesting is if you use the news data to investigate bubbles of bullinsh sentiments on particular stocks.

We all know how bullish sentiment was on tech before the .com crash.

I think a live sentiment bubble is happening in goog. Yes the last results were great and sentiment on goog is rising. I Dont know how high but much further is possible. But eventually the price will represent cash flow side of the bussiness I dont think sentiments will levitate above when advertising revenue drops durning the consumer-led recession. The macro economic fundamentals are more important than rations and numbers,

WHen thoses reduced retail profits result in reduced marketing spend then it will precipitate missed earnings then you'll see the bubble burst and it will drop un supported untill the people within ad companies see an upturn in bussiness. At that point the insiders will buying but wont report the upturn till they have thier positions and the media sentiment will be the most bearish of the cycle.

Look at house prices halifax and nationwide, and the media we most bearish in 95, but that was when prices bottomed and the saving were starting to feed economic spending led growth which later transitionted into debt fuelled growth that propelled the housing bubble to its peak last summer.

Try archive sites that store web pages..