Newbie question - clock changes

Mark the Spark

Junior member
I never was any good at Geograpohy at school, so I need some help with this please...

Could some one please let me know if the US operates a system like we do in the UK whereby we change our clocks for summer time?

I note that today the US market opened at 3.30pm our time (now that we are BST) as opposed to the usual 2.30pm.

Will that now be the case all the way through to our chnage back to GMT at the end of September?

I have been trading the FTSE and DJIA since October and have not come across this before?


Mr. Charts

Legendary member
Actually they move forward an hour next w/e so they will open at 14.30 BST, not GMT
Wonderful trading the US today ;-)

Mr. Charts

Legendary member
Do you really expect countries to agree on anything?
We're lucky every single state doesn't have its own specific time zone.
I believe the EU is bringing in 25 heures days with 100 minutes per heure from 2004.
Mean French Time it's called.
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