New Years Resolutions ?


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Anyone had any thoughts about them - apart from losing weight and giving up smoking like me :)
Yes, but you're a seasond trader compared to me and Helen who are mere 'beginners' :)
I feel I have half of the puzzle. I can do the entry bit and the exit bit on losing trades fine, what I can't yet do is the letting winners run, which is where the boldness/confidence comes in.
Forget all about trading London dinosaur markets and concentrate on US Nasdaq Level II (I'm nearly there - just the final decision on whether to use TradeStation or RealTick)

Finish reading 'Technical Analysis of Stock Trends' by John Magee.

Cut the losing trades very short and let the winners run! :)

Happy New Year, TradeSmart
My resolutions go pretty deep.

For the new year I intend to live for the moment and not be overly concerned with what tomorrow brings - life's too short.

To improve my trading I'm going to make sure that I get all the sleep that I need, and get into physical shape (apparently staying fit improves trading).
I'm also going to concentrate on making sure that trading doesn't effect my personal life.
Keeping a tidy office is also high on my priorities

Good luck everyone and heres to a prosperous new year.