New to t2w, been on the market for a few years. Ciao


Hello everyone, my name is Ferdy, I am Italian.

I am new to this site and thought I would say hello.

Actually I started trading Futures "S&P 500" and "Nasdaq" in Italy for days/weeks, I did several courses mainly in Spanish similar to Italian, it helped me a lot to understand this fantastic world of Trading.

I started with technical analysis and then I moved on to OrderFlow - Volume Profile etc.

A few months ago I met a Spanish guy who explained and helped me to use Vwap with good results.

Today doing a search I read the posts of "Grey1" and I was fascinated by what he wrote, so I decided to write me.

Anyway, I hope to get suggestions/advice, it's nice to see so many intelligent people.

I hope to be able to read and understand by helping myself with a Translator,

I apologize for any errors in presentation caused by the Google translator.

Thanks and a big greeting from Italy
Welcome Fer_2021,
Love your country - hope to visit it again if and when all this corona madness ever ends!
If you want to contact grey1, send a message to Trader333 - T2W's moderator - as he may still be in contact with him.
Hi timsk, Nice to meet you.
Thanks for info I will contact Trader333.
Thanks again you have been very kind.