New guy from San Diego - making a comeback to stocks


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Hi guys,

I'm just getting back into trading after a long absence. I used to trade back around 2004-2005 and had a few good and bad experiences. I held a few stocks I wish I would have kept all these years, but I ultimately ended up selling everything because I needed the money.

Anyway, I've saved up some money and have about 20K I can to use toward investing. I've already put about 6K into Vanguard index funds, but would like to try for greater returns with individual stocks.

A few days ago, after falling for the marijuana hype, I put 2K into CGC and literally a day later, the stock f-ing drops. This is the kind of stuff I experienced when I used to invest, I'd watch a stock rise, Id finally get in, and boom it would tumble. I'm sure CGC will recover, but rather than taking such blind guesses I figure Id find a group that can give some advice about this stuff.

I hope to learn a lot here and make some solid gains.(y)


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Bad luck dromo. And that's not just an expression, I do mean you just had bad luck, nothing more.

I think what's important in your post is what you didn't say and this might reflect your trading experience -
So, you did NOT immediately decide -
1. you got in too late, an earlier entry would have been lower risk
2. your strategy was wrong, so now you're going to just trade off Bloomberg
3. buying for the long-term is too risky so now you're a scalper
4. the broker was out to trick you and they got the NYSE to sell the very next day so they could force you to exit and grab your money
and so on......

Keep at it mate.
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