New Feature: News Headlines


We now have a whole list of news headlines available, currently split into the following categories:

Business features
Commodities news
Derivatives news
Emerging markets news
Equity markets news
European business news
Finance features
IPO news
Mergers and acquisitions news
Mutual funds news
Online broker news
Securities industry news
Stock Exchanges news
Tech stocks news
Top business stories
Top finance stories
UK business news
UK news

Please follow this link to take you to the news headlines, or alternatively follow the board link in the header of this page, or from the menu bar on the left.

Let me know if you think this is a useful addition to the website, and whether we should be covering any more categories, or there are ones we are covering which are of no interest to you.

All the Best,
Hi Sharky, Another great idea, where do you get them all from. I've fallen into your trap, the first news link i tried The Wall Street journal is only available to subscribers, this means registering, it may also apply to others i didn't try. Could you also do a favour and delete www. from the cnn link i added to uk links, as its one of those urls that will not work with it in, (could not find an edit function).

Thanks again, your efforts are well appreciated.

Another great move.

This welcome addition makes this site complete for me, as it collates all the news of the day.

well done to all that make this the first site I come to whenever I log on,