New Client Management App: Built to Make Managing Multiple Accounts Easy


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At EdgeFund we’ve built a low-cost Web Platform and App, specifically for new and emerging Portfolio Managers (<$5m AUM).

- Our Platform makes managing multiple client accounts easy, with seamless trade execution across accounts simultaneously.
- Our App gives traders and portfolio managers exactly the same trading functionality, but also gives their clients an exceptional mobile experience, with detailed, real-time account reporting and trade notifications.

We’re doing our final round of testing (yee-haw!) and are looking for a selection of PMs with clients to trial our products.

If you’d like to be one of the first to test them and see how mind-blowingly, totally awesomely, amazingly (...add superlative here) they'll work for your business and clients, then please drop us a note at for a chat.


The EdgeFund team