Neuroshell training and testing results


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training and testing results

Hi there,

I have recently started using the Neuroshell program and the results I get from training and testing the network are very big. the error I get are :
Normalized RMSE error = 0.45731 min and 0.86163 max
Correlation Coefficient = 0.64293 min and 0.9192 max
MSE Error = 2627799.7551 (!!!!!)
Relative MAE = 0.64102 min and 12.7297 max
MAE = 318.9161 min and 723.2369 max (!!!!)

Aren't those very large? Does anyone know why this happens?Please help !!!!

I also have a question.Does the program normalizes the values to the necessary domain?I think that when it computes the minimum and the maximum values it normalizes all the values, but I am not sure.

THX.Please heeeelp!


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Have you used NeuroShell's specific website link which users of their product are supplied with? (and no, I do not know it... sorry)
Site apparently has information about bug information, fixes, updates, tips, techniques and technical questions. There is a user discussion forum too.
The program has extensive help on indicators and program features - also context sensitive interactive tutor...

See also:
where you can join a 140 member(to date) group regards NeuroShell products.

Good Luck
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