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Have just started using the above programme and am a novice with neural nets and AI.I know that it is a superb programme-but am having some challenges in getting started as there is so much too it.Anyone got any experience with this software and willing to start a thread or discussion on how to set it up and use it on a day to day basis.I am gradually getting to grips but am sure that there is better and more efficient ways of starting out.Any help greatly appreciated.


P.S. Am also using a prog called Deepinsight which is far more intuitive but very much more limited.
I am not new with this software, but not expert as well. I will share some known idea using this software and having some feedback from you or other NS (Neuroshell) users.
My tips for all new users:
1. Study it first. Strongly advised to start with the Tutorial and the video accompanied from your NS CD and study from the available example.
- With the tutorial (on Help Menu) you will know the concept of NS which combine the traditional and AI technique, for traditional, for example, you can define a trading strategy using MACD, NS will find for you what is the best setting for MACD cross over, and you can verify the result by optimization/back testing on your data. With AI, NS used genetic algorithm to find best setting for your MACD parameter.
- Study the video, start form help menu, but if you can access directly from Help menu you should insert your CD. Other method is you can copy all CD tutorial on your hard disk and call it directly, example you can put them in folder C:\NeuroShell Trader 5\Video\, run Getting Started.exe to show getting started video otherwise you can call directly Getting Started.avi if you have an avi movie player. NS using camplay to show the video.
- Study the example, with my NSDT I have 25 example chart, Go to Menu File, Open, C:\Neuroshell trader 5\Charts\.
2. You should know how to prepare the data for your NS, NS can be feed by some data vendor such as eSignal, IQfeed, etc, broker data feed (such as Interactive Broker), or free data Yahoo finance (for stock), free ASCII data (example, you can import csv from Metatrader if you trade forex).
3. Define your Trading area: Stock, future, forex, your selection to be a starting point prior subscribe the data. With NS version you have you can select end of day data or real time data. If you have NS Trader or NS Trader Pro you need only end of day data then you can choose Yahoo data for free, using esignal/Iqfeed data for this version is less benefit ( think, minimum you paid $95) except you want to get some other data (such as fundamental, etc) to be integrated n your trading strategy. If you have NS day trader and you you would like to trade intra day then you need real time data feeding.
4. Start with Data import, example using Metatrader on forex. If you need I can give sample how to import it to NST.
5. If you success to display ASCII data on your chart, Start inserting indicator on your chart. NS have a lot of indicators that can help you to analyze your chart.
6. Start to build your trading strategy, you can found with your data what is the best setup using traditional indicator, for example MACD cross over, RSI, CCI, etc. You can analyze what is the best parameter, profit, winning, losing, etc. We can discuss further if you need.
7. Start to build a prediction. With prediction, you can ask NS to predict future Open, Close price or its %Change, etc. You can make a prediction with input from your price data (O, H, L,C) or some indicators (RSI, MACD, Stochastic, etc), the output prediction can be next 3 day Open, etc.
8. Analyze your trading strategy or prediction.
9. Discuss with some other users, post the question to NS support if you need their assistance.

I have seen some thread discussing about NS, hope this will be a starting point for good discussion. We can post some charts for our further discussion.
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I have been using Neuroshell for about 2 weeks now and am impressed with some features and surprised by some obvious missing functionality. However, i believe that you can achieve most anything you need to do, but there is definitely a learning curve.

I am having trouble generating a strategy that trades successfully in both trending and range bound markets. This is especially obvious in the last few months with the strong market moves. I downloaded a free sample from Noxa Analytics Inc :: Your Predictive Edge and their "non-causal" SSA trend indicator did an excellent job of navigating the market swings except for the fact that it is looks ahead. :-(. Still thinking about getting it as their CSSA (causal) sample charts looks similar to the performance i am seeing from the sample cheating indicator. Any thoughts or help with navigating strongly trending markets would be appreciated.

Hi there,

great to have a newer thread on Neuroshell now. Hope some people will find their way to here.

I am not that new to trading but switched from Metastock to Neuroshell. I have hundreds of questions and hope we can make this a great thread.

Thank you arryex for your explanation
I'm New in NSpro, Could you please give me a brief about how to import the *.csv files from metatrader to NS
When i'm in Metatrader on any chart and choosed file-save as *.csv, the NS does not accept

I can't seem to import .csv data exported from Metatrader. I have Neuroshell 5.0, and the videos/tutor don't seem to help. I have the format correct, and even tried to save it as .txt and .prn.

Attached is sample data.

Please help me out and tell me what I need to be doing.


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Basically, the software should be able to import .csv files, but I seem to be having trouble with it.
hi Skyhr

Importing .csv data is not practical especially if you use intra-day data. If you make hourly chart then you must import data every hour. I suggest you install data feed add-on from MT4 to Neuroshell. The add-on supply real time data from MT4 to Neuroshell tick by tick. Data feed on MT4 platform is free. Some MT4 brokers also provide stock and CFD data.
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This add-on can also send orders from Neuroshell to MT4 automatically. So you don't have to write mql code anymore. Build strategy using NST and execute them via MT4.

This add-on can also send orders from Neuroshell to MT4 automatically. So you don't have to write mql code anymore. Build strategy using NST and execute them via MT4.

Right, but can NST make sure that the order went though? If I get a requote or something weird happens, I can't use MQL to check it out right? NST only assumes it went through, etc. right?
Hey, I have a few back test on NST questions I hope you guys could answer:

1. I want to make a trailing stop based on ATR(20) * parameter. But I want to know whether, in trailing stop, does NST know the "inside of the bar" - that is, what is going on a smaller level how price is moving, if we have smaller intraday data? For example, in metatrader 4, if we have 1 min data and we backtest on 15min or something, metatrader will use the 1min data to approximate tick data to yield a more accurate back test (due to the trailing stop). Is this also with NST, or does NST make certain assumptions when it comes to trailing stop? If so, what is the best option for me to make back test most accurate?

2. In back test, can I place limit orders? And when those orders are hit, can I make stop, trailing stop, and target appear? Can I make the option of not placing a target?

3. Again in back test (Forex), instead of trading in fixed lots, I want to back test trading floating lots, which depend on the symbol and a set of equations I have developed. Is there a way to make risk management more flexible in back test (and forward run)?

Hope you guys can somehow answer these, since not too many people talk about NST anyways.

I've been evaluating Neuroshell trader for a couple of weeks now and the one thing I can't figure out is how the get the data to stream and update the charts in real time.

Any help would would be appreciated.



I've been evaluating Neuroshell trader for a couple of weeks now and the one thing I can't figure out is how the get the data to stream and update the charts in real time.

Any help would would be appreciated.



Have you tried DDE? Also, if you google for instructions on the MT4 Feed, I'm sure there's a .doc / .pdf somewhere floating around - I remember seeing it.

Also, if that's the only thing you don't know how to do, do you know these 2 following things:

1) How do I make the out of sample (green) area? And what's the difference between this and paper trading?

2) How do I incorporate ATR? I can't seem to find this indicator for trailing stop.

It is excellent to find a people talk about NST

How can i get ART in NST

How can i build a digital strategy in NST
I found a good relation between the index UK100 (London stock market index and found in some broker's MT4 platform) and GBPUSD, can i combine the two issues in one chart ? or one startegy ???How ??

Thank you in advance