Neural Networks

Hill Farmer

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What type of software is available for these non-linear systems? How do various packages compare and at what cost? What are the strengths & weaknesses of these black-box approaches? How much of a learning curve is required? Let's start a thread here!
I can discuss most US neural network packages probably in detail. I need time though. I will contribute sat and sun.
Have you tried sending email to the good doc as he may not be aware of the thread currently under discussion, bearing in mind his other commitments. Feel sure he will contribute if made aware.

Back to the top again!
HF....This is a post I sent awhile ago, unfortunately with no response.........

"Perhaps this section of the T2W BB is not the best place to post this e-mail but........
Hill Farmer posed a question of Neural Networks on the 15th and there was little response. So, any T2W member had any experience as to the effectiveness of DeepInsight especially since a new 2001 version has come out? Anyone "bent" current data to fit the limitations of the free trial and what was their conclusion.
Info available at if anyone wishes to conduct any experiments.
I have absolutely no associations with the company but posting this purely to for the benefit of T2W members.
rgds to all...............

Whilst DEEPINsight is not strictly a Neural Network but rather a self-training system using standard indicators which seem to measure the correlation error to adjust themselves.

You may wish to experiment; I will when I get time. I would appreciate your findings.