need help with Journal template and macros


After reading this forum and also a book called "The FX Bootcamp Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex trading I am keen to record, learn and share my trading.

It appears there is quite a bit of information that should be recorded in a journal. I have found a few (freely shared by their authors) but of course I would like to tweak them. My apologies for not acknowledging specific authors , however i have looked at 3 different forums in the last 48hours and lost track of which journal belongs to who (y)
1. T2W - of course
2. Big Mikes day trading
3. Forex Factory
and Looking at the book- FX bootcamp book there are a few screen shots which have inspired me to create something quite substantial. However my Xcell spreadsheet knowledge is quite limited so I am hoping some of you may be able to help in what I am trying to achieve

I have attached a copy of the relevant xls spreadsheet

Within this, I have a sheet called "visual trade journal" into which i enter relevant data. I have created a "macro" (not something I have ever done before) so was quite :D when I got it to work. So when I click the macro ( Enter Trade Details)button, it transfers the data to a sheet called "daily trade sheet" . Then before i enter a new trade I click the Reset Trade Details button, to clear the previous trade data in the boxes.

The aim of this "daily trade sheet" is to keep a record of each trade which will also hopefully have a screen shot of the charts for reference. My problems are, so far
I do not know how to update the "daily trade sheet" for each new trade, from the "visual trade journal"

I can only update the first line. That is the single line of data is overwritten each time I try to enter a new trade. What I want is a new line of data created for each trade in the "daily trade sheet"
also when I click the Reset Trade Details button in the "visual trade journal" it deletes the info already in the "daily trade sheet" as well as the data in the "visual trade journal". So I need someway to lock or save data already entered.

The goal will then be to possibly create a new "Daily trade sheet " at the start of each week, so I can just refer to the week that has just passed without having to sift through a mountain of information

This weekly data will then be loaded into "Raw Data sheet " so i have a progressive record of my PnL

So any of you with knowledge more advanced that mine I would appreciate your help

Thank you

The attached file has Macros so you will have to accept them to get full functionality.
If you are not comfortable opening that please PM me and I'll forward you a non macro enabled copy :cheesy:
View attachment Forex Trade Progress.xlsm

This will be a great Journal available to all when its finished so If you can help, please do