Need help to understand this please


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I need some advice for the below code if you please,

Period_MA is an external variable and I set it to 20, but when I am testing my code by changing

for(x=i; x<i+Period_MA; x++)
for(x=i; x<=i+Period_MA; x++)
the moving average disappear from the chart
   int Counted_Bars = IndicatorCounted();
   int Uncounted_Bars = Bars - Counted_Bars;

   for(int i=0; i<=Uncounted_Bars; i++)
      double Total = 0;
         for(x=i; x<i+Period_MA; x++)
            Total = Total + iClose(NULL,0,x);
       Closing_Price_Array[i] = Total / Period_MA;

Noting that when I add the equal sign to the previously stated line of code , I get the moving average to widen like below, so I just need to know how it was calculated just by adding an equal sign so that will be the outcome

Thank you

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