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I am reading my way through the 'No indicators' thread and am on page 26ish.

Is there a quick way I can go straight to that page # ? The only options I can find are to go quickly to the first 10 pages or to the end which isn't very helpful as there are 97 pages.

Many thanks


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When you get to a page you have been on just add it to your favouroites in IE then you should be able to go straight to it next time.



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Another option is to increase the length of the pages. I have mine set to 40 posts per page, which halves the number of pages.

To change your default, go to User Control Panel (under Community tab at the top), then on the left hand side is Edit Options. Half way down is Thread Display Options, and 'number of posts to show per page'. Change this on the drop-down list to 40 posts per page.

And if you want to go straight to the page, use the following link and just change 'page=35' to the page number you want to view.


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Thanks Skim.

By the way, it's a brilliant thread.
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