Nasdaq set to grow 1000%in ten years! Is this the place for my SIPP?


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Many,many years ago i looked at my pension and had an outside company carry out a report on it.I was massively disappointed by so called professionals who were frankly useless.This is what stirred me into learning about the market place and taking charge of my own investing decisions.

Some years ago i managed to change my pension to a self select pension so that i could purchase my own UK stocks.Later in the tech boom this worked extremely well.However as a short term trader i was always annoyed that i was only allowed to transact ONCE a week.As someone who was trading in 1987 this horrified me.Many times i wanted to trade and my order would sit there until the right day approached when it would be transacted.

I was always fed with the lines "your pension is for the long term and trading weekly is quite adequate".I realy appreciate that the majority of people may be like this but i was doing handsomely trading in and out of UK tech stocks,a week between deals was an eternity.So after the tech boom i put it all in cash and thats where its been ever since.

Until i met a nice chap from Options Direct at Sharex and put it to him that if i opened a SIPP with him,i reckon that i could trade the Nasdaq with a sterling account.I also said it was my understanding that if i wanted to they could supply me a level 2 screen.He winced but aggreed.Now i dont think using a level 2 screen for your SIPP is a very good idea i just wanted to see how much his company would offer.But by trading short term on the Nasdaq you always come accross companies that you think.WOW for a longer time span i reckon you will fly.The only difficulty was how can i use my pension to invest in them.

I was interested therefore by an article in the Sunday Times that said "The more 47 -year olds you have in your economy and the more people you have approaching that age,the more successfull the market will be.Based on all this info he estimated that by 2008 the FTSE will rise to approx 10,000 but the Nasdaq will rise to 20,000 In %age terms that makes the Nasdaq a huge winner.His web site is

All investments go up as well as down and there is no guarantee at all.Infact it should be pointed out that any market participant must be willing to accept they could loose all their investment.

That being said that very nice man from Options Direct is called RUFUS LOWE and will send anyone a huge info pack on the subject he can be reached on 0207 9036350.You can mention that Naz(Alan Rich) from trade2win gave his firm a plug!
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I transfered my pension to theOptions Direct Sipp scheme a few months ago, thewhole process took about a month and went without a hitch.

I allready trade online using the Options Direct Mybroker system and accessing my pension account to trade is just a matter of clicking on the relevant box before sending the trade.

Having used Mybroker online for more than 18 months now I have had no problems whatever with the software and the staff are allways helpfull and friendly.

If I can be of any help regarding the Sipp my mail address is : [email protected]