NADEX anyone?


I have placed a few trades with Nadex via PFGBest. I can tell you that the odds are always not in your favor. While you can place bids in between the spreads your bids are often filled by the registered market maker. If you consider that the price is directly related to the probability of success then the best you could do with 0 spread is breakeven. The spread puts the odds against you meaning that you need to have a decent edge to succeed in the long-term. Also IG owns Nadex.


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Anyone a member of the NADEX,good or bad experiences?


For trading binaries Nadex is your best choice , they are an exchange regulated by the cftc but you should be an US citizen to trade with them , your next best choice is IGindex/IGmarkets ...


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Your other alternative is to build your OWN binary using Exchange Traded Options


I am going to use them use pretty soon, because I know a method of which a day will up rising or declining. Making this bet in binary is the only way I know how to beat this game. If anyone ever have any problems with them let me know.


i have a demo and small live account with nadex. still trying to learn things.
they offer alot of education and support, very helpful folks anytime ive called or emailed them. i have been in a few chats with their traders and hear nothing but great things about the company.
keep me updated on what your idea is.
I had good experience with NADEX . I think they offer a very good alternative to complex options. The downside is that you'll give up some edge over futures which is why I switched to trading futures exclusively. There are some types of trades where I'd still consider them though. If they would offer a 2-3 day spread then that would be ideal but last I checked they didn't offer that.

I believe the win ratio has to be about 56% to break even on the binaries 50/50. I have systems that can beat that but it is steep to overcome. What I would have liked is the ability to compare the costs of their products vs more traditional bull/bear spreads on SPY and futures but I'm not that good with options. Maybe this something I'll give to my quantitative helper to do one day or maybe someone here will take it up?

Would love to see comparison... I'd like a 2-3 day hedged product that trades like future but has capped risk.


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First, you face their horrible ask-bid spread, then you are charged their fixed extra fees per side, and, lastly, you might also incur negative slippage more than often. How do you establish an edge under these conditions?
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