N.Brown Group BWNG - Huge late volume

M&S report their numbers, and they may talk about their e business side.
It is strongly rumoured that they are Zendor clients.
If true, this would seriously lift the BWNG price, but we may have to wait a while to find out.
Worth checking what M&S have to say (If anything) about their web side though.
Credit Lyonnais Securities says buy N Brown at 262p it is a quality business with high net margins.
They also rated it one of their Top 5 shares to buy and hold for growth.
If you look back to the share movement over the last several months, you will see a clear pattern where the share dips sharply followed by news and a quick recovery. This also smacks of 'tree shaking' by the MM's
BWNG is doing the same again now, having dipped, it is now ticking up a few pence daily, and if true to form, should have one or two 5% days soon, followed by news etc. The past is no guarantee of what will happen, but there is a clear pattern here which is worth checking out IMO.
Do your own research etc, and see what you think.

PS Also keep an eye on KMS as more news is highly likely, and Autonomy may not have all the fun.
W de Broe rates KMS from 90p - £2.50 on there recent note incidentally.