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Hi everyone, I'll start with a bit of self introduction, I'm a 24 years old trader from Brunei. I started learning Forex when I was around 19 years old and I got my hand dip into Forex from a friend.

I want to point out that during these passed 6 years (late 2015-2021) , first 3 years which I studied multiple strategy namely BBMA, SND mastery, Guerilla trading, TGFX and etc. All this while being a student.

Following the next 3 years is the phase where I tried to back test and front test the named strategy with both live and demo account and where my learning curve comes in. In all honesty, any decent strategy would work if you learn to focus on your trading plan, money manage, control your emotion and be confident on yourself. (Don't get me wrong, I'm still in the process of trying to be a better and disciplined trader also because we tend to make mistake but as long as you learn from them then you're good).

Last year, I finally got consistent which marked my 6th year into my Forex adventure.

My journey timing would have been significantly reduced to probably 2-3 years instead of 6 years if I were to diligently focus on Forex.

And now to the present day. I wanted to trade seriously but as previously mentioned that I am a student and I lack the required capital to start (Yes I can start with probably $100-$300 but that is going to be a slow growing process). Luckily anyone who is trading Forex might have come across Prop Fund companies such as FTMO, MFF, the5ers and etc.

So I thought it would be a good idea to spend $100 for an evaluation account ($10,000) on My Forex Funds.

I purchased the $10,000 account and started last week. I passed the 1st out of 2 of the evaluation phase and I am starting the 2nd phase hopefully by next week and I will be sharing my 2nd phase journey here.

My short term goal is to obviously get to the live account and earn from said live account and eventually obtain the max allocated account per person which is $600,000. Long term goal is to obtain enough capital to trade my own.

I'll be posting weekly on the evaluation.

Here is a summary of the phase 1 gains:
week 1​
week 2​

phase 1 screenshot.PNG


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[12 November 2021]

Hi everyone, I passed my second phase of the evaluation taking gold at 30pips and I'll be trading crypto in the weekend to fill in the remaining days to pass.

I'll be updating on the process of getting the live account. Cheers!

{Edit: I found out that I cannot trade crypto in the weekend, they disabled it a while ago, it is what it is, so I'll just be going to trade during the weekday to fill in the remaining 4 days to pass}

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[20th November 2021]


I got my live account today from MyForexFunds, the whole process took 2 days.
MyForexFunds will be getting a new account analyzer website and the account acquirement will be automated (so there's no more waiting for account to be given after purchasing and passing each challenge).

--Note that in the image below, they gave out tips on how not to lose the account, the tips is very much what I used during the verification phase.

More update soon.

Happy trading, cheers!



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Good luck! I will be marking this thread to see how you get on!
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