Music While You Trade


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Music Whike You Trade

Just discovered a site which has a comprehensive list of radio stations. It lists local, regional and national. However the problem I have is I cant get stereo even though the programmes list stereo. I wonder If my P.C. is configured for it even though it came with two speakers.
Here's my recommendation for great music to work/trade to:

SomaFM's Groove Salad

"A tasty plate of ambient beats and grooves. Takes the edge off work."

FYI SomaFM is a listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting from San Francisco. You can read more about them here: - if you like what you hear then all they ask for is a donation of $5 to $50. And if Groove Salad, doesn't rock your boat, there are six other radio channels to listen to.

One last thing, you'll need winAmp I believe to listen in. Which, even if you're not interested in listening to internet radio, I'd still recommend installing as the definitive mp3 player.
Never thought of taking the edge off boring days with music. Any one know where I could find a good Soul (northern) or R & B station? (not rap,crap or anything else with ...ap in it)

You can also do a lot worse than Windows own Media Player - they seem to have hundreds of radio stations divided up into categories.
Sharky thanks for the info. Unfortunately I am in a Murphys Law scenario. Having sound problems even though my speakers and sound card appear to be O.K. Will visit the techies thread to see if I can fing a genius. Im having withdrawal symptoms.
Chump: Also try &
I use Musicmatch Jukebox as you can select exactly what group/similar, genre, year of release etc. to listen to or alternatively a host of broadcast radio stations. Great ! I am listening to it right now. My current favourites are St Germain/Groove Amarda/Massive Attack...
I have noticed that the headphones tend to come off when market goes spastic.
On a slightly different "note" (ha ha) there was a US website at one stage - that offered musical price quotes on the Nasdaq. If the trade price got higher the pitch of the sound would get higher & vice versa, with a choice of type of sound eg classical, heavy rock etc. Also when heavy buyers or sellers size appeared on the bid/ask it would create another set of sounds, with more still for daily highs and lows. It was all very entertaining, and quite relaxing as you could take your eyes off the screen for a while, but a bit deafening when the Nasdaq got really wild (as it used to a couple of years back) !!

Surely there's only one station to listen to while trading.........Bloomberg radio at (best over ADSL)
Trading news and views 24/7.

..................or Radio 3 to take the edge off things!
Bloomberg, who go to adverts just before major economic announcements. I would rather listen to my neighbours dog yapping all day.
Re: Music while you trade -

I like to listen to classical. I find it helps concentration powers.

Good old Radio 3 for starters (on my tranny)

Alternatively, via Real Player V10, I listen to French Classical (Hector) at :

Haven't studies proven that classical music helps to focus the mind and improves intellect?


I beleive there's a new SMOOTH-SOUL station coming on Mar2 for the north - SMOOTHFM, replacing JAZZ FM (North)