Multiple trades and settlement in electronic trading platforms


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I have been doing some reading about brokerages and what they do. One common denominator in all is that they offer a software you can use to place trades. I liked etrade and i am curious about how i would use it.

Lets say i see a trade that can make me some money real quick. Say i spot one at 20.10 that can go to 20.40 in the course of the day. So i buy at 20.10 and sell when its at 20.40

My question is, when i click sell at 20.40, do they sell instantly and money made available plus the profit i made immediately into my account?

Second question, can i use the money i earned to make other stock purchases?

So i guess, my big question is, does etrade and other brokerage software deposit the profit immediately to my account?



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In general, all financial operations - profit making, account replenishment, withdrawal of funds, etc. - should be carried out instantly. Well, unless the withdrawal of funds may take some time, if it is not carried out automatically, and this is done by a certain group of people in a brokerage company... But all the rest should be executed instantly. And if it is - then of course, after closing the order you can immediately distribute your finances for the next positions. But if you are constantly watching some delays or something like that - then you definitely need to clarify all the information from your brokerage company. And if this prevents you, then just change the company, you should not miss an opportunity because of this. You should be comfortable in your work.


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I agree with the opinion that this is technically done or should be done instantly. But in practice, often everything happens differently. And it can happen for several reasons. First, the company itself may be interested in the fact that all operations are performed with delays and, accordingly, traders are unable to achieve their goals. And this is what I mean by fraudulent companies, which want to get money of their clients. But most often there is a situation, which leads to the same results, but caused by other reasons. Companies do not invest enough money in the development of their trading terminal, respectively, at high load it starts to work much slower and we see that the work becomes less productive.


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Maybe I look at this situation too pessimistically, but I rarely see everything happening as fast as it happens in training articles or videos or trading tutorials.
I've been thinking for a long time about how a person can handle and adjust it, and I just started to leave a bigger error in my work and analysis. Because it helps me not to be disappointed every time and to act adequately to the situation, plus it helps me to find possible solutions at once, so I immediately become ready for any situation.
And after that I don't have to spend time and nerves to find a quick way out of the situation. And I will probably advise other traders to do the same...


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Yes it does happen instantly. And if that is not happening on the platform that you are using, you must change your broker.


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It is better to trace such technical points as soon as possible, because this is what directly affects the efficiency of work in the market. In fact, I'm not saying that a trader in this case can't influence the results, but still the brokerage company itself must provide conditions with minimal slippage and other errors, so that you can qualitatively assess the situation and make the most conscious decisions. But in general, yes, it happens or to be more precise, it should happen at the same moment. At least, "on paper". So if you see that something is not going according to plan, try to assess competently why this is happening and if you understand that this is the fault of the company, you can change it, and it will be the best solution.
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