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Mr Alum

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I will post my weekly results here from my personal account as MOD are removing my thread about other results id like to show.

My account size is £3000.

I usually trade fixed trade size of £150, which is 5% of my account balance and i stick to this trade size even if im in drawdown.

However this week, i was looking to experiment a little and try a different money management system.

I first made my first £1000, relatively quickly , using fixed trade size of 150.

Once i had banked in some profit, i decided to do a little test of my new MM, so i was compounding every 2 trades, 150 trade size and then 255, then 150 and so on 255. This made me a quick profit of 850.

I then banked a further £500 into my account, and i was happy to have made 50% growth.

I left £300 remaining to trade the remaining days, and started my trade size on 75, as i had a few trading sessions remaining and i dint want to use a high trade size and blow my risk free capital money for the money.

£300 turned into £1600

however i went very aggressive and lost £1100 in 1 night.

With only £500 remaining, i then tried again, and got up to £1200 in profit, and then lost it again on thursday night, with a string of bad trades.

It was now friday afternoon, and i thought il make 3 or so wins, and bank in profit, so i did 3 or so trades, and then banked the profit.

The market still looked pretty nice, so i told my self il risk 80 pound, and i can compound this 80 pound to see what i can do with it, i started compounding the 80, and turned it into 697. The aud nzd was closed after my last trade expired and so was my trading for the week.

Total net growth for the week 90%. Profit £2700

Mr Alum

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The drawdown on my account is around 15 to 18%. It was a tough week overall, and i had every thing in pretty much good control until my last session of the week. Every week i withdraw my profits, so this 18% drawdown is from my account at Break even, i have not lost all profits from last week and more loss. Trading loss is aprox £550


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Mr Alum

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Week 3

Last week the drawdown on my account was 18%, it was a pretty tough and long week.

This week i have recovered the 18% loss, and increase my account growth to 37%. Total PROFIT £1100.

73% Win Ratio

Total Account Growth in 3 weeks, 127%.

Profit £3800.


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