Mondays Sports Thread ~ 2.8


I Guess ill include the date from now on, although Obviously each post is tagged with when the originator came, its still good to show the date, so ill try to keep it going



Ugh, Mondays right?!?! LoL

Especially after Super Bowl Sunday, Feelin it a bit today, got a little Buzz on last night, and Enjoy that game to death, and I actually might go on a limb and say Of 2010, that might have been one of the best days of the year on a personal level, so that was fun, good times with good friends I havent dont this year, so we all got out yesterday, Enjoyed some Munchies, some Beverages, you know!!

Anyway, Still a bit rough on the edges today as i said, Phew, But sports doesnt take a break, so either do I

I saw your Post Joker baby, you know who to ask when it comes to the Maac, espec. Viagra games, Um, Niagara sorry, i Guess thats just one of my thigs, I have always Called Niagara the Little Purple pill!! And i Know Viagra isnt a purple Pill, and purple Pill is obviously Not Viagras Quote either, so I mixed it all up and VIAGRA is Niagara, adn The Purple Pill is Niagara LoL

Youll get it, dont worry about it!! Getting used to me isnt that tough, Although Arguments have come about that somewhere im sure!!

So be it, Its NCAA sports and lets go!

Ok Man, well all i see there is Home team stuff, and I dont like the Home loss in thisseries allready, and now Viagra is trying to retunr the favour and finding a season Split on the Road?

Winning on the road in eachothers barn? Not easy, but these two have gone back and forth for the last 3 years alternating W's and L's resp, but i see that home team thing and how it has dominated this series, ofcourse Just that last game i mentioned was the first time in a while a Road team won something, but i digress also to TYRONE!! Yeah he is back, But IS HE BACK?!?! And you know what i mean when i say that, Hes ON THE COURT, Playing, Yes! Is he effective? I dont see it, 8 points last time out, and i just really dont give Viagra the Chops like they have had recently, Them and Siena have done well being top 2 in this Conference, but Siena is OBVIOUSLY walking away with the Maac this year, Win streak their on is impressive, although again, this conference Lower tier is just horrible, Obv Marist says it all LoL

I think Id go Rider here before id Go Viagra hunting, and Vegas isnt sure either, laying the Point on Niagara? Whats a point? Thats shows me Confusion by vegas, if they are that confused? Making a road team favored by a point? I dont like it, Id Take Rider if you need a play there!!

But i also think id am going to try the Fairfiled Total again, Obviously last time out, which i have posted here ofcourse, Ugh , they stayed STONE COLD UNDER!!

In Siena? NOT SO MUCH!! Totals are flying over, and these two are good shooting teams, and Siena might Snot Rag FField, 11.5 is quite a statement, but i see that 145/5 as Attackable and will play it one more time, IF Fairfield lets me down again? Thatll be the last total i deal with them! LoL

F Field / Siena ~ Total Over 145.5 ~ -110 ~ $110 to Take $210

And whats with 136.5 in Valpo? Are you serious with Under 140? Thats Sold!!

70 each+?

NO PROBLEM!! For me atleast!

Ill Chic / Valparaiso ~ Total Over 136.5 ~ -110 ~ $110 to Take $210

It might be just as Tough to tleave off the La Tech N Mex St Total too, remember they just met and put up...... 144 SHOTS!!!

HELLO 144 ATTEMPTS !! Flew over then, and it might just fly over again, La Tech took a nice beating at home to N Mex St not but a week ago-ish, only a game ago for each in fact, theyve only played one game each since that matchup, so THEY MEET AGAIN? And La Tech is trying to avoid the sweep?

I, at First blush, was thinking 19 - 4 La Tech will struggle with N Mex St today? Whats this line about? 2.5?

Then it hit me that they just played, which made me think better of it so i looked into it a bit more and sure enough a 14 point beat down on the Road for N Mexico St in La Tech's Barn, And as mentioned JUST A FEW SHOTS WENT UP!!

Is 160 high or is it really? Ofcourse its a bit high, someone better get 90 obviously, because BOTH getting 80+? Tough to just say it will happen, although the 91 for N Mex St in La Tech was impressive!

Now theyre home and they know what to do to re: Attack the team that couldnt have made that many adjustements to stop it from happening again. All they both have done since they played eachother was Both Beat down SJ St, SO not much can be taken from that, Id hate to lay 3 overs today, especially dowwnthe stretch of Conference Play and games mean so much more now, Committee is looking very hard at the bubble and at large teams they think will be worth the "Madness" (That the Big Tourney, all that needsto be said is Madness IMO, i mean if you havent heard of March Madness? THen um, you really dont follow a damn OUNCE of sports, and youre probably not reading this far down to see this! LoL

I think ill test it, but i will go small here, and ithink it will alot closer than 14 this time, so does vegas i guess, 2.5 doesnt say much to me, but If you had to ask me? Id go N Mex St here too, home, allready handed the beat down to La Tech in their house, and it wont get any easier today either!!

La Tech / N Mexico St ~ Over 160 ~ -110 ~ $55 to Take $105

La Tech / N Mexico St ~ N Mexico St -2.5 ~ -110 ~ $55 to Take $105

Man i hope my first blush of LA tech ML at +120 wasnt theright call, but again, too man y factors in NM St's favour, and home? Good enough!

Cant wait to check out Nova and W Va tonight too, should be quite a game, and i mean isnt it at any point going to be Thinkdog time? +6? Listen W Va is pretty good ok, Nova atleast DOES have alot to play for, i mean they are obv in the top 5 and can not just be disrespected i think, W Va hasnt beaten a solid team in a while, whats impressive about W Va has done the last 6 games since the Cuse Beat down?



Nova / W Virg ~ Nova +6 -110 ~ $110 to Take $210

Should just be a great game anyway, I mean this could easily be a "Who has the Ball last" Type game for as much as it can shape the top of the big east!!

That work?

I mean there isnt alot to really go on today, 7 Lined games are really all thats even involving decent teams, so i have a few plays up, that should get us though!

Hope it helps and I hope everyone has a good day today as whole!!

Mondays can be better if you Make your normal Paycheck money, and get a little boost from Some Etalia guy who wants to post on the site!!

LoL, Except for Fairfield Totals Apparently, Ugh, really?



Nova / W Virg ~ Nova +6 -110 ~ $110 to Take $210

Tough to Cover 6 when you never have a lead!! Cake!!

Another One of my Dogs that didnt bother to care about points, Just win outright and lets move on lol
And whats with 136.5 in Valpo? Are you serious with Under 140? Thats Sold!!

NO PROBLEM!! For me atleast!

Ill Chic / Valparaiso ~ Total Over 136.5 ~ -110 ~ $110 to Take $210

62 pt first half?

NO PROBLEM, I went and grabbed the 2nd Half OVER when i saw a 62 pt 1st H, and said, well its coming, so they better hit big 2nd Half!!

GRAZIE!! Bingo!!