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I think we have a pretty good forum structure that covers all the major areas of trading.

However there's always room for improvement and I was wondering whether members had any opinions as to any apparent gaps in the forums, for example there is currently no where to specifically discuss the following:

- Trading short term interest rates
- Trading bonds

Can you think of any others?


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Thanks TheBramble. I've had a chance to consider what's currently missing, and I've come up with the follow 7 new forums - which should hopefully give us complete coverage of all aspects of trading.

As always would I welcome feedback, particularly from those who may be better acquainted with some of the topics covered by these forums.

The Instruments

Bonds, Bunds & Gilts
Short Term Interest Rates
Swap Contracts

The Styles & Strategies

Commercial Trading Systems

The Platforms

Futures (Split from Futures, Options & Warrants)
Options (Split from Futures, Options & Warrants)
Warrants & ETFs (Split from Futures, Options & Warrants)


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There wre some good responses to the two threads I started under Money Management - they have since gone (into the ether)


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I've started making changes to the forums as described above - and also moving threads into the appropriate forum. I'll continue to make changes over the next few days. Any feedback, please post it in here. Thanks.

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Direct Access Trading

Direct Access Trading
It seems the " Request your on board here!" forum is now closed.
So, does anyone know is there a discusion board for :
Direct Access Trading.
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