MetaTrader 4 Take Partial Profits?


I am relatively new to FOREX trading and I am new to MetaTrader platform. My question involves a scenario that continues t ocome up and so far no one that I have talked to from FXDD or experienced FOREX traders has been able to come up with a solution for me. Here is the situation. Today I shorted USDJPY at 86.91. It proceeded to dip down to around 86.60. My question comes in here. How do I set an order to take partial profits on .25 of my postion if the price rises to, say 86.80? I do not want to have to keep the chart open and have to monitor the price all day and close out .25 of my position manually via instant execution. Is there a way to set partial take profits orders.. so that MT4 automatically closes out .25 of my position at 86.80 without any action on my part? I am aware that this will most likely require a script. Does anyone know of a script that is out there now for this purpose and where I could find it? If not does anyone know how to write a script for this purpose? I cant be the only one that wants to take partial profits on MT4..

Thanks guys