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Thanks Jimbo...this has been pointed out in other posts under Metastock actually...

I think that at some stage we should add a separate sticky section for MS only with few items like this to prevent repeat pointers...I might have nice word with Rognvald and Sharky to see if it is feasible...

And perhaps add a directory of all indicators, explorations, system test etc etc...which will build up as people add their bits...

I have got a lots more pointers to sites dealing with MS which I would like to add to this site someday...



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is it possible to use metastock pro explorer at intervals during the day to find intraday patterns?


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Filter out Options and Warranta

I just would like to filter out all the stocks longer than 3 letters from my exploration



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I have recently started using Metastock and find that the off large spikes make reading the graphs very difficult

After reading through the post on Metastock, it seemed clear to me that the limitation that users are experience is focussed solely on the Metastock formula language.

I would firstly like to point current Metastock users in the direction of a number of resource bases where a multitude of Metastock formulae can be found. They are located at:

As an aside, having also been a Metastock users for some years now, feel free to pass any formula requests my way, and I will (within reason) write the filters or system tests for you.

In around 8 weeks from now I will be releasing the Metastock Companion Guide, which is a book specifically designed to help those who wish to foray inot the world of Metastock formula writing.

Irrespective, Metastock comes prepackaged with an array of predefined filters, system tests, experts, etc; and for those who are going to upgrade to V7.2, the number grows considerably.
I find the flexibility of being able to find exactly what I want indispensable. For example, I'm big on trading breakout patterns. I look for tight trading ranges that have held support/ resistance for a period of 4 - 8 weeks, confirm internal strength and trade from the breakout. I can utilise all of these criteria in Metastock.

My trading range formula is:

((If(HHV(O,40)>HHV(C,40),HHV(O,40),HHV(C,40))) -

The above basically looks for a range that within the last 40 days has not expanded to more than 10% of the total cost per share.

I've created literally hundreds, if not thousands more, and as a support service to my clients (I work for Paritech), I actually write these formula and email to the client for free.

But as has been said before, I don't think that the formulae functions are the be all and end all. I have access to reams of different titles of software (we sell over 20 titles globally) ranging from basic charting through fundamental and option software right up to grey and black box titles, and call me biased, but once past the learning curve, I find the features and functionality better than anything else I've found on the market. Sure, it's not a posisiton manager, nor a fundamental tool, but in terms of tech analaysis functionality, I haven't come across anything better, the only equal being the old Tradestation.



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Great to see experts and others so interested in Metastock.
I have been trawling through umpteen formulae for years including writing my own.
Sadly I have reached the point where I wonder if there are any that are of use. i.e. make regular profits.
If anyone knows of a good one I expect the rest of us would be delighted to see it, me included.

I expect there are plenty of newcomers to trading who are confused by the plethora of choice and unable to seperate the worthwhile from the tosh. That is why I suggested a competition pitting different systems against each other for a substantial prize/recognition. Unfortunately not acted upon YET.

Happy trading


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Is your offer of writing formulas in Metastock based on our requirements still available?? I would be very grateful if you could help me............

Kind Regards,



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There is a very active Metastock group of formulae writers on Yahoo.


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I think this thread is no longer maintained. I have questions about MetaStock real-time and I hope someone will answer them?

Tnx and best of luck
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